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LATILUB for safety and protection at work
Structural compounds for S1 safety stirrups - Safe Riding
Perfect gears for professional shears
Radiopaque filament for 3D printing
Antistatic belt conveyors with LATISTAT

Reinforced PPS for precision electronics
Latiohm for structural ATEX applications
Thermahood chooses Lati flame retardant compoundt
Self-extinguishing compounds and rail industry: a growing dual concept
Technopolymers and drinking water: Latigloss proposal
Flame-resistant zippers with General Zipp
PPS flow meters for liquid foods
Safe and metal-free railway industry
Self-extinguishing materials now even 50% recyclable!
Lightened structural compounds without blowing agents
LATI Innovation Day
Adjustable steering column benefits forklift operators
STOP to food contamination with plastics
Safety and precision with LATIOHM
LATICONTHER CP6: Thermal conductivity and electrical insulation
New concept brush holders in thermoplastic compound
LASTILUX light conductors and Gruner AG
Metal detector and X-rays: a comprehensive detection system

3D printing: LATI electrically conductive filament
Thermoconductive and self-extinguishing: LATICONTHER 62 GR/50-V0
Latilub self-lubricating technopolymers adopted by the boating industry
Electrically conductive and colorable for ATEX
Automotive and thermally conductive compounds
Conductive compounds temperature cools down
Latiohm electrically conductive compounds
The new SPDs by ABB for the surge protection

Detectable seals and cable ties: SIGITAL and LATI MDT
Led lamp for swimming pool
Luceplan, LATI and the "Tivedo" LED lamp
Radiopaque and non-toxic for medical use
Precision and light weight for the textiles industry and automation
Gamma rays and thermoplastics
Self-lubricating materials and industrial automation
Venturi effect ram pump

Sinks for LED: thermoplastics vs. aluminium
Maximum Performance for EN45545: the new LATI promotions to the HL3 level
Thermosets? Thermoplastics!
Contact with drinking water: completely safe!

High safety connector for electric vehicle charging
Modular spiral staircase made of engineering plastics
Reinforced compounds with extremely high dimensional stability
Electroconductive extruded yarn
TS45545: new LATI grades
Polymers and food: new possible structures
Green PLA ice scraper

Thermally conductive and self-extinguishing UL 94!
Brass and plastics, the next challenge
LATIGEA awarded the 'OK biobased' conformity mark
Plastics replace metal - CPA Products & Ultra Finishing Ltd leads the way
Toxicological impact of nanomaterials
LATI & PRODIR: "green" cooperation for the environment
Polynova Group AG the distribution of LATI engineering compounds on the German speaking cantons of the Swiss Confederation

IBS 2010 - Innovative antimicrobial thermoplastic compositions
Metal replacement and PA6 - a brand new reference compound by LATI
LATI MDT - magnetically detectable compounds
Renewable energy a concrete opportunity for technopolymers

Latilub: Engineering polymers featuring low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance
Latigea - bioplastic based compound
High modulus carbon fibres in super-structural compounds

New Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Compounds
Design and thermal conductivity
Super-structural materials: a step forward in the metal replacement
Latigloss and Kelon: structural and good appearance thermoplastics as winning solutions in home furnishing
RoHS Directive amended 30th June 2008: deadline to place on the EC market electrical and electronic equipment containing DecaBDE

New X-ray shielding thermoplastics, an effective solution for lead replacement
Engineering thermoplastics structural components and design
The new LATI material database is now online
New ultra-stiff materials: non-deformable as metal alloys
Thermoplastic compounds replacing brass in pipes, taps and fittings industrial sector
LATICONTHER: thermally conductive Thermoplastics for LED applications
Lati-Degussa Distribution Agreement for PEEK Polymer

LATIGRAY: X-ray Radio-Opaque Thermoplastics
LATIOHM CNT: Carbon Nanotubes for outstanding performances

Lati obtains the UL Certification of its Test Laboratory
Lati and the Environment: new combustion plant of the gas emission treatment
Special Products, future solutions: self-lubricant and thermal conductivity

ATEX DIRECTIVE 94/9/EC: the safety in industrial plants and the LATI' s role
IEC 60335-1 Ed. 4.0: the safety of Household Electrical Appliances

Ethic Association European Thermoplastics Independent Compounders
A new Brochure about High Performance Thermoplastics Compounds
Laser marking of Engineering Compounds

HPP & SPECIALS: new Products developed by Lati S.p.A.
Industry Appreciation Week: award for LATI USA
New antistatic Thermoplastics: the LATIOHM Family
Special materials for nautical applications

Co-design activities of the Lati Technical Assistance: project customer support
Household and similar appliances: IEC 60335-1 Ed. 4

Eurostampi 23 - 25 March - 2017 Parma - (Italy)
Plastteknik Nordic 17 - 18 May - 2017 Malmo - (Sweden)
Chinaplas 16 - 19 May - 2017 Shanghai - (China)
Plastpol 23 - 26 May - 2017 Kielce (Poland)
FIP Solution Plastique 13 - 16 June - 2017 Lyon (France)
PDM 21 - 22 June - 2017 Manchester (UK)
Expoquimia 2 - 6 October - 2017 Barcellona (Spain)
Illuminotronica 12 - 14 October - 2017 Padova (Italy)
Fakuma 17 - 21 October - 2017 Friedrichshafen (Germany)
EDS Engineering Design Show 18 - 19 October - 2017 Coventry (UK)

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