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UL Certification of the test laboratory of LATI


UL certification of the test laboratory of Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A

Lati S.p.A. Laboratory was accredited by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) on 28th May 2004 enabling them to carry out the following tests within the WTDP (Witness Test Data Program):

Horizontal and vertical inflammability tests (20mm and 125mm) in accordance with the UL94 normative;

CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) and GW (Glow-Wire) tests in accordance with the UL746A normative.

The accreditation is the formal proof, given by an independent organisation (specifically UL), of our laboratory's technical competence in carrying out determined tests on our compounds.
UL, using criteria in accordance with specific normatives, has verified:

  • The technical competence of the personnel;
  • The validity and suitability of the test methods used;
  • The reference of the measures to national and international samples;
  • The suitability, calibration and maintenance of the equipment;
  • The work environment;
  • The sampling, transport and management of the test samples;
  • Quality Assurance of the results.

In accordance with the WTDP the above mentioned tests for homologation of our material can be carried out by Lati S.p.A. personnel at our premises, whilst UL personnel supervise and assist with the tests. The advantages of such recognition regard the following aspects:

  • Improvement in the quality of the product and the service supplied to the client;
  • Greater product competitivity;
  • Cost and time saving in product homologation;
  • Reduction of the Time to Market;
  • Increasing trust from clients;
  • Direct access to the world market.
The UL trademark is the most widely recognised and accepted safety trademark in the US and Canada, and it facilitates access for the sales of our material in all of the principal markets in the rest of the world (South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, East Asia and Australia).

Every year more than 10 billion UL trademarks appear on new products all over the world. We are already working towards extending the test activity of our laboratory to include other types of tests, those most frequently requested by our clients, in order to offer an evermore detailed product quality certification.

19 April 2005

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