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Brass and plastics, the next challenge

The replacement of brass in applications related to the transport of drinking water will soon become mandatory.

From 2013 it may become compulsory to comply with the WHO limit for the maximum acceptable lead content of drinking water, set at 10 micrograms per liter.

Certain countries that pay particular attention to health issues have already put these limits into effect some time ago: in July 2010, California, for example, introduced the AB1953 rule, which sets out precisely these threshold values.

In Italy, the value imposed by law is now equal to 25 micrograms per liter, which is, however, not easy to meet. A major source of lead pollution of drinking and sanitary water could be the brass used for the manufacture of taps, couplings, and valves.

The brass contains in fact, significant percentages of this metal and may lead to concentrations of up to 80-100 micrograms per liter, e.g. in the case of a new component. For this reason it is essential to introduce into the market materials that offer an alternative to conventional brass for the manufacture of these items. Unfortunately today there are not many alternatives available, and especially some of these, such as stainless steel, are likely to be more expensive than materials currently used.

To this end, LATI S.p.A. who are always attentive to issues related to metal replacement, can offer today LATIGLOSS 66 H2 G/50, a structural compound based on 50% glass fiber reinforced PA66. The mechanical properties of LATIGLOSS are very important, as shown in the table below, even under conditions of continuous exposure to water. In order to support the process of brass replacement, LATI has obtained the official approvals for contact with even hot drinking water by the most important international bodies, such as ACS, KTW, WRAS, and NSF.

This compound also offers the ease of processing typical of plastic materials, a considerably lower weight compared to metals and a competitive price compared to any metal. In this regard, LATI offers its customers not only the technical competence of a company operating for over 65 years in this sector, but also a complete design, simulation, and calculation structure, as well as support services for compound processing and optimization.

For any further detail or explanation please refer to the LATI website, www.lati.com.

11 November 2011
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