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Suitability for food contact in the U.S.

The suitability for food contact and use of food additives in the U.S.A. are regulated by chapter 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in section 170 through section 199. This chapter falls within the competence of FDA (Food and Drug Administration U.S.A.), that is the reason why these sections for simplicity are often referred as FDA.

In particular, sections from 174 to 178 are those dedicated to additives in direct contact with foodstuffs among which coatings, polymers and additives for polymers. FDA has defined specific and very detailed criteria for resins, additives and colourings, often strongly depending on the application and on the final conditions of use of the manufactured product, sometimes dedicating an entire paragraph to a single resin.

By virtue of its complexity, it greatly differs from the European regulation, so that it often requires a specific formulation. It is therefore essential to know the reference regulation right from the first phases of design. Lati S.p.A., besides having products which are already conform to the U.S. legislation, is able, upon request and working in close contact with the customer, to develop tailored solutions drawing from the experience of a wide range of resins and colours.

Conformity with the U.S. regulation, although it does not have strong legal value in Europe, is required, in presence of a more and more globalized market, even by European customers who export overseas. To certify the conformity with this regulation, Lati S.p.A. is able, upon request, to support the customer in obtaining the NSF 51 standard, obtained c/o NSF International, a U.S. agency which, by conducting strict tests, certifies the conformity with 21 CFR for indirect contact with foodstuff. Lati S.p.A. already has to its credit a series of formulations certified by this authoritative agency.

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