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The analysis of the Life Cycle of a Product

The analysis of a life cycle of a product, also known by the English acronym LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) according to its definition, "is an objective procedure of the evaluation of energetic and environmental charges relative to a process or to an activity carried out through the identification of the energy and the materials used, or to the waste materials released into the environment. The evaluation includes the entire life cycle of the process or activity comprising the extraction and the treatment of raw materials, the manufacturing, transportation, distribution, use, reuse, recycling and the final disposal". In other words, it is a methodology that allows the quantification and evaluation of the effects on various environmental aspects of a specific product or service during its entire life cycle, in other words from the extraction and manufacturing of raw materials up to the final disposal of the product.

Lati S.p.A., thanks to its ten-year experience in conformity to UNI EN ISO 14001, in collaboration with an important research institute has recently concluded the LCA study of the following widely-used products in the electronic and electrotechnical sector:
  • PA66-GF25FR(10)
  • PA6-GF20FR(30)
  • PA66-GF25FR(52)

The study, which took more than a year to complete, required the compilation of a vast amount of data concerning the production, origin, transportation of raw materials as well as energy consumption and natural resources, and not least, specific environmental data gathering on gas emissions and reflux.
If customers are interested in the above-mentioned study or would like to collaborate with Lati S.p.A. in order to extend it to their products, they can contact the Customer Assistance service.

Lati S.p.A. has always been sensitive to environmental issues and is at the disposal of its customers through the Customer Assistance service to take into consideration the development of life cycle assessment, specifically with a complete from cradle to grave approach.

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