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VECAP Voluntary Emission Control Action Plan

In agreement with what has been foreseen by the new integrated Environment and Security policy, our Company has recently undertaken a commitment to adopt a code of good industrial practice concerning the use of the flame-retardant DecaBDE.
This substance, which is indispensable for the realization of self-extinguishing products of a high level safety standard, following a toxicological study lasting over 10 years, has recently obtained the go-ahead at European level and will be able to be used in the future with no limitation. In spite of this, in order to limit the emission into the environment of foreign substances, our Company has promptly adhered to the VECAP programme, a plan of action for the control of voluntary emissions defined by major producers in agreement with what was established by the European Commission in Decision 2005/717/EC.

The code of good industrial practice, which represents the heart of the programme and which has been defined jointly with the British environmental agency, foresees accurate monitoring of emissions, the introduction of innovative procedures, severe periodic audits, the qualification of selected suppliers, a rigorous management of waste materials and not least the involvement of staff through precise and continuous training.

Lati S.p.A. is certain that the adoption of this standard within the outline of the already well-tested UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, will meet with the active collaboration of involved parties, and from the point of view of continual improvement, will bring many advantages both to the company internally as well as the interested parties, whether they be customers or suppliers, in addition to the community and the territory in which LATI S.p.A. is deeply rooted.

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